We are a family owned and operated service center in our nineteenth year of servicing our area communities.

We specialize in meeting your auto repair needs. We are a one stop service center equipped to: In fact, if it involves servicing your vehicle we provide repair and/or replacement with quality parts and excellent service.

We offer the latest diagnostic equipment and servicing techniques. We maintain records on your vehicle, which provides a history of our services, and allows us to offer sound preventative maintenance recommendations helping keep you and your family safe and avoiding costly repairs down the road.

We proudly display our affiliation with the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.

  • Engines: repair and/ or replacement
  • Transmission: repair and/ or replacement.
  • Brakes: Disc/ drum repair and/ or replacement.
  • Check engine light diagnosis, vehicle emission repair.
  • Differential and Transfer case repair and/ or Replacement.
  • Chassis, Steering, Front-end repair.
  • Checking and adjusting of all fluids
  • Belts and hoses.
  • Tune-ups.
  • Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Servicing
  • Battery Testing & Replacement
  • Tire service: new replacements, flat and leak repair.
  • Routine Maintenance